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Hello! My name is Amber, and I'm the Ultimate Fangirl. I really like Doctor Who (Tennant forever), Supernatural, Sherlock, Big Hero Six and every single Disney movie ever made, and Thor (except I don't like Thor). I'm a very confusing person. I'm also very weird, very strange, and I am DEFINITELY a madman with a box. I can get super emotional, and other times I just don't care. I play Minecraft and spend half my day on Facebook. I listen to classical and rock music. I read books a lot and, yeah, I ship those two people... In the movies and books and stuff I tend to like the villain more than the hero, and I feel for the henchman (I am, after all, one myself, although I'm looking to change that). I'm not evil, and I'm not mean. I just feel for all things dark and spooky and evil. ANYWAYS, that's me. And whatever you do, don't forget your towel.

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adventure, all disney movies, being the best fangirl ever, classical, doctor who, drawing, fiction, frogs, hanging out with people, harry potter, historical, horror, making stupid memes, minions, mystery, rain, rock, science fiction, sherlock big hero six, snow, supernatural, the rainbow goblins, thor, writing
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