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being_frog ([personal profile] being_frog) wrote2015-07-03 09:38 pm

This Is What Happens When I'm Curious

I'm kind of curious about what this website is classified as. I mean, it's basically an online journal, but is it like a blog or a forum or what? Yeah, I'm the person that asks that question. What are the qualifications for an online journal, anyways? Wait, isn't a blog basically an online journal that nobody wants to read? Why would somebody even post their secrets on the Internet, anyway? You never know who could be reading that. Somebody *cough cough* me *cough cough* (that was a joke, by the way) could use that to exploit your weaknesses and ruin your life. I guess it's a good thing I don't talk to anybody to tell my secrets, or that I don't have an online journal! Oh wait... *sigh* Yep, don't get my curious, cause that happens, and that is really embarrassing. I talk to much.. Okay, BYE!!!!